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New Powercon Brand

[Posted: 20 Jul, 2016]
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New Bosch eCat

[Posted: 10 Jul, 2015]
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New Endurant Battery Range

Selecting the right battery is now more critical. The battery is now the central hub for power. There are greater demands on the battery with sophisticated safety and control systems, like cameras, radar, braking, cruise control, HVAC and connectivity.

Available through JAS, Endurant brings you long-lasting quality power products backed by leading manufacturers, giving you the freedom to get on with life’s adventures, every day. Endurant Batteries are manufactured using advanced technologies with key features such as long life, reliable quality, sustained performance, and are 99% recyclable.

The range is available on eJAS now and is suitable for car, 4x4, truck, bus, garden, boat and camping applications.