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Bosch HEV101 Course. Obtain the "Right to Repair" on Hybrid & Electric Vehicles.

With the constant technological development in vehicles, JAS has always recognised the importance of training to best support what customers are facing in the field. 

The new “Right to Repair” legislation has seen a great step forward in the accessibility of critical repair information from manufacturers. For safety reasons, however, hybrid and electric vehicle information is excluded without recognised training.

Therefore, JAS is hosting the Bosch HEV101 Course, a 1-day session to accommodate the “Right to Repair” legislation. With increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads, it is imperative to have some understanding of the key components and vehicle architecture.

Hybrid Vehicles have been around since 2003, with the first Prius and Camry from 2008, so don’t miss out on regular service work on these vehicles from lacking knowledge that is easily gained on a 1-day course!

This training is relevant for anyone undertaking ANY repairs on these vehicles, from working on a high voltage component such as the AC Compressor to simply fitting accessories.

Our latest courses will be scheduled in mid-June 2023 at Wangara, WA.

Upcoming Courses:

September - Cains, Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton, QLD

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