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[Posted: 20 Jul, 2016]
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[Posted: 10 Jul, 2015]
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REMCO RM12-105LFP - The New Member of Lithium Deep Cycle Family

JAS Oceania proudly distributes REMCO RM12-105LFP, a new REMCO Lithium Deep Cycle family member. It has a high cycle life with over 3000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DoD) and requires low maintenance due to its stable chemistry.

REMCO RM12-105LFP also has a built-in circuit protection Battery Management System (BMS), an extremely low self-discharge rate, and no risk of sulphation, allowing for storage of up to 6 months.

The RM12-105LFP has an increased Amp hour compared to the comparative RM12-100LFP and is slightly smaller to fit easier into more applications and battery boxes. This battery includes the REMCO Lithium app, providing easy access to monitor battery health anytime and anywhere via Bluetooth connectivity.

It is also lightweight, weighing up to a third less than its SLA equivalent, making it a preferred choice for various applications. This battery recharges quickly and exhibits extreme heat tolerance up to +60°C ambient temperatures. It is a reliable solution that can replace traditional Lead Acid, GEL, or AGM batteries.

Contact your local branch or order RM12-105LFP online here.