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[Posted: 20 Jul, 2016]
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Projecta's IS3000 & IS5000 Professional Jump Starters Are Available at JAS!

Introducing the latest Jump Starters from Projecta, the IS3000 & IS5000, are now available at JAS Oceania.

These professional Jump Starters support comprehensive applications. These units can easily fire up vehicles up to 12 litres (IS3000) and 16 litres (IS5000) in 12V mode. But not only that, they can both handle any 24V vehicle.

From small motorcycles to large road trains and earthmovers, IS3000 & IS5000 have got them all covered. They are perfect for commercial transport, construction, agriculture, mining, and industrial machinery.

The Projecta Intelli-Start range is the only jump-starter in the world that recharges itself directly from the vehicle it just started via Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT). With the rapid recharge capability, these jump starters can recharge themselves.

Simply leave the clamps connected to the vehicle for only 40 seconds and the jump starter will be fully recharged. This means you will always have a jump starter ready for its next use.


  • • 12/24V operation with automatic voltage detect
  • • Tested and proven to start just about anything with up to 1500A of Clamp power (12V)
  • • Specially Designed Cranking Battery – LiFePO4 battery technology engineered for high cranking performance and superior safety.
  • • LiFePO4 battery technology also provides up to 4 times more life than Lithium Cobalt batteries (2000 cycles)
  • • Safest Jump Starter on the Market – advanced ‘all-in-one’ protection system preventing surges, short-circuits and overheating.
  • • Workshop Tough – durable high-impact housing with rubber over-moulded body
  • • Lightweight & Portable – won’t break your back!!
  • • World’s Best Design & Construction – nut and bolt termination.
  • • Easy to Use – intuitive full-colour screen indicates Alarms, Battery Status and Vehicle Status.
  • • Premium Glass-Filled nylon Clamps.
  • • Mountable charging dock to store & charge the unit.

Contact your JAS branch or order on eJAS here.