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[Posted: 20 Jul, 2016]
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[Posted: 10 Jul, 2015]
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Projecta's New Pro-Wave Inverters, Now Available at JAS Oceania

Experience the pinnacle of power with JAS Oceania's distribution of Projecta's latest Pro-Wave inverters. Designed, engineered, and rigorously tested in Australia, these inverters redefine performance, even in the harshest conditions. Pro-Wave inverters employ pure sine wave technology, mirroring the pristine 240V mains power at home.

What makes Pro-Wave stand out is its unwavering reliability. These inverters offer power cleanliness and performance that surpasses entry-level modified sine wave inverters. Pro-Wave is your trusted companion whether you are an intrepid traveller seeking comfort in remote locations or a DIY enthusiast requiring clean power for sophisticated tools when mains power is scarce.

Projecta's New Pro-Wave Inverters Pure Sine Wave

Key features like remote control with LCD display, superior noise filtering, wiring kit, and greater starting power enhance the user experience to the next level. With Projecta's Pro-Wave, you can watch TV without static, enjoy crystal-clear radio, play your favourite console games, and illuminate spaces with fluorescent lights, all without compromise.

Pro-Wave – where performance meets perfection.

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