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Hella Black Magic Cube Light Kits Now @ JAS Oceania

Introducing the Hella Black Magic Cube Light Kits, a cutting-edge lighting solution proudly distributed by JAS Oceania. With a sleek 3.2" size, these cubes exude an air of distinction with their captivating dark appearance, enhanced by black brackets and an edgeless design that sheds dirt effortlessly, ensuring they always stand out from the crowd.

The installation has never been more straightforward, thanks to the wiring harness, DT connector, switch and relay enabling easy upright or pendant mounting. The durability and quality of these cube lights are trustworthy.

Delivering a powerful punch with 40W and 3000 lumens, these lights are versatile with multi-voltage capabilities for 12- and 24-volt systems, making them suitable for various applications. The robust aluminium housing and black stainless-steel bracket ensure these lights are built to last in the harshest Aussie environment.

Offering both floodlight and spotlight options, including a panel-flush floodlight variant, the Hella Black Magic Cubes are ideal for off-road driving, providing ample illumination for any adventure ahead. Plus, with high UV resistance and dust and waterproof capabilities (IP68/IP69K), they are ready to conquer any environment.

Hella Black Magic Cube Light Kit Light Pattern

The magic of the full blackout appearance radiates a unique aura that sets these cube lights apart from the others. Designed for 4WDs and off-roading, they ensure reliable performance whenever needed.

Hella's Black Magic Cube Light Kits are the pinnacle of innovation, style, and functionality. Whether it is traversing rugged terrains or seeking to enhance the vehicle's aesthetics, these lights are the perfect companion for the journey. Illuminate the path and make a bold statement with Hella's Black Magic series, an unrivalled choice for lighting excellence.

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