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Projecta HDBM35 & HDBM150 Workshop Automatic Battery Manager

Introducing the Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE 12/24V HDBM35 (35A) & HDBM150 (150A) Automatic Workshop Battery Manager series, a revolutionary line of workshop chargers designed to meet the demands of the modern industrial environment. Proudly distributed by JAS Oceania, these chargers offer exceptional versatility and advanced features to optimise battery charging, maintenance, diagnostics, and power supply operations.

These chargers deliver efficient and reliable performance with their cutting-edge technology, including advanced SMPS (switching-mode power supply) and patented battery charging and reconditioning technology. They are compatible with various battery types, including Flooded, AGM, EFB, GEL, and even the latest LiFePo4 lithium batteries. This versatility ensures that the chargers can cater to diverse industrial applications.

These units provide multiple rates of charging parameters, allowing precise customisation to suit various battery capacities. They automatically detect battery cell issues and sulfation, enabling proactive maintenance and prolonging battery life. The chargers also feature automatic reconditioning and cell balancing functions, enhancing their effectiveness.

One standout feature is the diagnostic mode, which supplies constant voltage output for vehicle service operations such as fault finding, module re-programming, and battery support during other tasks. Additionally, the showroom mode compensates for power usage during vehicle demonstrations, ensuring that all features showcase without draining the battery.

The chargers boast a modern Colour TFT display and intuitive user interface, making operation effortless. They also incorporate an auto-detect system that automatically restarts the charger following an AC power cut, preserving charging and showroom mode settings.

Safety is paramount, and these chargers come equipped with heavy-duty clamps, durable construction, and spark-free, polarity-protected connections. They are shock and dustproof, guaranteeing reliable performance even in challenging workshop conditions. Projecta also provides a 5-year warranty to back up these units’ quality.

With customisable charge profiles, testing and diagnostics capabilities, and powerful output options, the Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE Workshop Battery Manager series ensures optimal battery performance and efficient workshop operations.

Now available at JAS Oceania. Contact your local branch or order online here.