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Enhancing Workplace Safety with Hella Backup and Warning Alarms

In high-risk work environments, safety is paramount, and the Hella Backup and Warning alarms, distributed by JAS Oceania, emerge as indispensable lifesavers. Their high-frequency alarm actively prevents accidents, making them a must-have safety element.

The E75-6009 model, an excellent base-level alarm, emits a characteristic beeping warning tone upon engaging the reverse gear, ensuring everyone is alerted to the vehicle's backward movement. Its IP67 weatherproof rating guarantees durability in challenging conditions.

For reduced noise pollution without compromising safety, the E75-6052 model offers a white noise reversing tone and automatic sound level adjustment, catering to all environments.

These alarms exemplify efficiency with clear, long-range alarm sounds at 97 dB(A). They are dust and moisture-sealed with 12W low-power consumption at a voltage range of 12V-48V.

Prioritising safety and efficiency, the Hella Backup and Warning alarms are essential additions to any high-risk workplace. They come equipped with a DT connector, which allows protection from moisture and dust. Protect lives and elevate workplace safety with these reliable and robust devices.

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