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LV9620 Series LED Warning Lights - Amber, Amber/White and White

The LV Automotive’s LED Warning Module Lights are a game-changer for those in need of reliable and efficient illumination for automotive, agricultural, and industrial type applications.

Operating within a voltage range of 10-30V and consuming less than 1 amp, these lights boast 3W high-intensity LEDs that deliver consistent performance while drawing current. Whether you are working on a farm, navigating a rough environment, or simply enhancing the safety of your vehicle, these lights are tailor-made for the job. This could include breakdown emergency vehicles, tow trucks, tractors, machines, council vehicles, fleet companies, traffic management, mining and more.

The modern, compact design looks sleek and packs a punch with Class 1 light output. Durability is a top priority with a PC lens that minimises environmental damage and an aluminium housing for effective heat dissipation, significantly extending these lights' lifespan.

With 12 flash patterns, ECE R10 approval, and an IP67 rating for moisture, vibration, and corrosion resistance, these LED Warning Module Lights are a versatile, reliable, and safe choice for any application. Available in amber, white/amber, and white, they are as stylish as they are functional. In an era where quality and performance are paramount, JAS Oceania and LV Automotive are lighting the way forward.

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