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REMCO Lithium XTRA Super Slimline Batteries, a Perfect Solution for 4WDs

The REMCO Lithium XTRA Super Slimline battery is a lightweight, high-capacity battery designed for tight spaces that other batteries can’t fit, making it an ideal choice for 4x4s, trucks, utes, caravans and camping. 

As a premium lithium battery, the RM12-110LFPXSLDC has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance than traditional AGM batteries. Plus, its lightweight powder-coated aluminium casing provides stronger durability and protection. 

Apart from these great features, what really makes the battery stand out is the built-in 20A DC-DC charger, providing faster recharge time from any 12V vehicle system with either a traditional or smart alternator.  

The REMCO Lithium XTRA Battery is the only lithium battery in Australia with a built-in DC charger. 

The unique Australian-designed and assembled quality power unit also contains an internal 100A BMS and 1 x grey and 1 x blue 50Ah Anderson connector for easy installation.  

Overall, the REMCO Super Slim Lithium XTRA Battery range is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-maintain battery to keep up with their outdoor adventures. Its extended recharge cycles, fast recharge time, and convenient built-in DC charger make it the perfect choice for a powerful, easy-to-use battery. 

This one-of-a-kind unit is a perfect solution for your 4x4 customers' power demands. Whether heading out on a camping trip or exploring off-road trails, the REMCO Super Slim Lithium XTRA Battery range will surely be the indispensable equipment providing that little bit XTRA.

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