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HELLA S Series Lamp Range now @ JAS

Introducing the latest addition to the HELLA range available at JAS Oceania, the S Series lamp ranges.

The Module 70 S and Power Beam S models are a halogen replacement series that boasts a longer life, higher efficiency than halogen and are lightweight and highly corrosion resistant.

Proudly distributed by JAS Oceania, these high-quality yet affordable work lamps suit various applications outside road traffic situations.

Whether you need to upgrade or retrofit forklifts, trucks, trailers, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, municipal vehicles or other special vehicles, the S series offers the perfect replacement for halogen lamps. With their universal and slim design, converting your vehicles or equipment to LED technology has never been easier. These work lamps can replace existing halogen lamps one-to-one.

HELLA S Series Technical DetailsOne of the most significant advantages of the S series is its excellent lumen/watt output, displaying a high level of efficiency that outperforms traditional halogen lamps. The round and rectangular LED units provide homogeneous illumination, at 6500 kelvin, with a light colour similar to daylight.

The LED lamps include new, efficient cooling fins for better heat dissipation. The integrated thermal management system also automatically dims the work lamps when operating between +50°C and +85°C, protecting the light from damage.

HELLA S Series Light Distribution

Made from specialty plastics, the housing and cover lens are lightweight and offer high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for harsh and demanding environments. The work lamps meet the highest EMC requirements. The lamps also have IP 6K7 and IP 6K9K protection classes, making them waterproof and dustproof. The Power Beam S series has been granted ECE-R10 type approval and meets the CISPR 25 EMC protection standard.

These versatile lamps have a multi-operating voltage of 9-32V and a rated voltage of 12V/24V. They also feature a Deutsch DT connector and upright or pendant mounting options.

Check out these new HELLA S Series lamp ranges here.